InfraScan in the News

InfraScan Inc. Announces It Receives 2022 Life Sciences PA Patient Impact Award

InfraScan Inc. Announces Publication of the Largest Study to date for TBI Diagnosis Utilizing NIRD

InfraScan announces FDA clearance of the first hand-held diagnostic device for Traumatic Brain Hemorrhage in children

InfraScan Inc. Announces Expanded Product Development Award

InfraScan Inc. Announces DoD/DHA Product Development Partnership

InfraScan Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patents for Brain Diagnosis

DailyMail: Handheld brain scanner that looks for deadly brain bleeds

Duke University publishes a 500 patients Infrascanner study

Emergency Services in South East Tuscany deploy the Infrascanner in Ambulances

REF Equips Traumatic Brain Injury Detection Devices

“Seeing what the eye cannot” page 26 in Combat Casualty Care

Army Funding Development of Battlefield Devices to Assess Moderate, Severe Brain Injury

InfraScan awarded seed grant to develop medical devices for children

Innovative scanner designed to save Marines’ lives on the battlefield

Undark: For Brain Trauma, an Emerging Suite of Diagnostic Gadgets

British and Irish Boxing Authority introduces handheld scanners to spot brain bleeds

Handheld brain scanners are coming to MMA

Sky News: Handheld scanners could detect brain bleeds and save boxers’ lives

BBC: An hour to save your life


London air ambulance trials hand-held brain scanner

Infrascanner™ Brain Scanner Gets $3.7M-Expands head trauma detection capabilities

The Marine Corps Award a Contract for the Infrascanner™ Model 2000

Hiller Ignite Presents 2013 Ignite Awards to The Travis Manion Foundation and InfraScan

InfraScan Receives FDA Approval of Next Generation, Noninvasive Handheld Brain Hematoma Detector

BIRD – Israel – U.S. Binational Industrial R&D Foundation to invest in InfraScan

InfraScan Launches International Sales of its Ruggedized Handheld Brain Hematoma Detector

Pennsylvania Bio and the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies honored
InfraScan at two key annual gala events

Office of Naval Research press release: Naval Technology Could be a Lifesaver

InfraScan Inc. receives FDA approval of the first hand-held device to aid in the detection of bleeding in the skull

InfraScan Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patent for Hematoma Detection

Infrascanner Software Designer, Hasan Ayaz, Wins The Design of Medical Devices Top Award

Infrascanner Handheld Brain Scanner Experiences Significant Sales Growth in Romania

Infrascan Receives $2 Million Contract From U.S. Marine Corps/Navy

International Sales of a Handheld Brain Hematoma Detector

Channel 6 features Infrascanner field evaluation in Iraq with the US Marines

The Infrascanner Received the Excellence in Design Gold Award

BBC World Report features the Infrascanner

First Patients Enroll in Clinical Trial in Brain Hematoma Detection

Ben Franklin Technology Partners invests $500,000 in InfraScan

US Navy completes $1M grant to InfraScan